Terms & Conditions:

1.    All valuations are correct on the date given. Gold and Silver prices fluctuate and it is recommended that for insurance purposes you have your insured jewellery re-valued at least every 2 years. Some insurers require an annual up-dated valuation; please check with your insurance company.

2.    Our fee for valuations is £50 (incl VAT) per item but we may offer a discount for a number of items. We give a free initial valuation for insurance purposes on all commissioned jewellery from Marchbank Jewellery at the point of sale. The fee covers the cost of assessment by our professionally accredited goldsmith, photographing the item to be valued and a valuation certificate with full colour photograph of the jewellery item. If you require a valuation on a commissioned item after the date of sale we have to charge the full rate since values may have changed. If you are happy to receive your valuation documents as a pdf via email we can offer a further 10% discount on our normal fee.

3.    Commissioned jewellery will always be undertaken through one-to-one consultation with our Goldsmith. We like you to see the work during the design and making process and we proceed with completion after you have sanctioned and approved any changes you require. We will give you an estimated completion date at the start of the process, but you need to be aware that certain design changes you may request may add additional time to the process. Please do give us as much notice as possible for your commissioned jewellery. We take great care to produce beautiful, high quality, professional work and this does take some time to complete. At all stages of the design process we will keep you informed and when you have a special date (wedding, anniversary, important birthday) we will always do what it takes to complete and deliver your commissioned jewellery well in advance of the big day!

4. Images on the website are for illustrative purposes only. Commissioned jewellery is unique, however we can design something similar subject to your requirements. Images given for other jewellery, antique and silver ware are also for illustrative purposes only and show the type of jewellery and silverware we deal with.

5.  Our new stock is constantly changing and we source exciting new designs at various national Jewellery trade fairs throughout the year. We will update images on the Facebook page and Marchbank blog more regularly so please do check those sites for up to date information, promotions and images.

6.   Marchbank Jewellery requires a 50% deposit for all commissioned jewellery. We source all precious and semi-precious gemstones on behalf of our customers and once we have purchased gemstones for your commissioned jewellery design they cannot be returned unless they are faulty.

7.   Sale or return items will be given a dated receipt and we normally suggest you leave them with us for a minimum of 6 months. Marchbank charges a very competitive 30% commission for sale or return items.  Please note it is the customer’s responsibility to inform us of any change of contact details. If we have tried to contact you to collect an unsold item or to collect payment for an item, and we were unable to, we will hold an item or uncollected payment for a maximum of 6 months from the date of last attempt to contact you. We will always try to contact you by telephone, email or in writing. If we have still not heard from you  we will hold your items securely for a maximum of 6 months. Any payment due to you will be honoured if you contact us within this 6 month period. You must still present your ticket receipt as proof to collect payment or an unsold item. No payments can be made without your ticket proof. If you loose your ticket you must inform us immediately. You will be asked to provide proof of your identity such as a photo driving licence or passport and proof of your address such as recent utility bill. We will take a copy and you will sign to confirm return of your item or payment. We keep these records securely and they are only used in case of dispute. They are securely destroyed once the item has been safely returned or payment made to you.

8. Repairs: Please always bring the item to be repaired in to the shop. Our goldsmith cannot give you an estimate of cost or time for the repair unless he can actually see the item to assess it. Some repairs take longer to complete than others. We have a booking system which means we book in any repair and give you a receipt. The item is then put in a filling system to be repaired in date order by our in-house goldsmith. You will be given an estimated time for the completion of the repair. Please be aware that we endeavour to complete all work to the date specified but on occasion this may not be possible due to the nature of the work involved. If you have a very specific deadline by which you need the item back please make sure you tell us when booking the item in. Some repairs can be done there and then and require minimal time. Our goldsmith will advise you when he has seen the item to be repaired.